The membership of the group is self selective, if you are involved in this type of work and think you would benefit from hearing what is happening and occasionally meeting with others in paediatric care, then signup here.  There is no cost to joining the PCN, although this may change in the future.


The Network is convened by the two founding members, Rev Dr Paul Nash, Senior Chaplain, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Rev Jim Linthicum, Senior Chaplain, Great Ormond Street.

Contact details for further information

Steering Group – Representation

The network is developing a steering group that represents the profile of the network whether that be nationally or a specific healthcare setting. If you are involved in the delivery of spiritual and religious care in paediatric healthcare setting and would consider investing your time and skill into developing the network then please contact Rev Paul Nash on 0121 333 8526, or email


The website is run by Emma Roberts as the PCN webmaster. If there is information, resources or links that you wish to share with others on our network please leave recommendations and suggestions on our comments page.

Professional Network Forum on the Web

We would like to develop a forum using a professional Network on the web, such as LinkedIn. This will provide an interactive and supportive environment that is an approved means to communicate with other professionals, working in Great Britain and Ireland. If you are interested in this aspect of our network please request membership here

Annual meeting

We meet each year if different parts of the country. We share ideas and support each other in our work.
The 9th Meeting of the Paediatric Chaplaincy Network  is at Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, on 9th November 2016.

For further details contact Rev Paul Nash on 0121 333 8526, or email

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