Rev Paul Nash on ward

Paediatric Chaplaincy Network (GB&I) started in November 2008 and met for the first time at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The idea was first mooted in an article in the Scottish Association of Chaplains in Healthcare Newsletter in 2002 by Alister Bull.

The name is very intentional, Chaplaincy, not chaplains, as we want to include anyone involved in delivering and   interested in religious and spiritual care in the healthcare system whether in hospitals, hospices or community services. It is a multi faith group for all those working in religious, spiritual and or pastoral care of children in health, palliative and bereavement care in Great Britain and Ireland.

The nature of this group as a network is also a deliberate direction and is evident in the purpose set out below:

  • To provide a Network for support for individuals and departments involved in religious and spiritual care of children
  • To share ideas, resources and good practice
  • To develop future projects• To encourage refection on our practice
  • To provide training opportunities

The network is evolving and unlike an organisation the energy comes from investment made by its members. At this point, this is achieved by:-

1. Keeping in touch:

  • Annual Network gathering
  • Email with requests for advice and support
  • Consultation days

2. Work on joint projects / Electronic working groups together

The annual Network gathering meets in a different hospital / hospice around the country.

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